This is a selection of some of the commissions that I have been privileged to take on. It has been an absolute honour working on these projects as they've continuously pushed me out of my comfort zone 

Vurugu, 2019

As COVID slowly swept across the world, I was asked by CNN to show what my world looked like and what I felt. My piece was centered on the cabin fever experienced together with the anxiety around the pandemic. I also had a few words to say on the piece here 

Nairobi Lost tapes, 2020

I believe that the Kenyan creative scene is going through a renaissance and every opportunity I get to be a part of it, I jump at it. It's no surprise then that when my good friend MR LU* asked Precious and I to help him come up with a cover for his incredible EP, Nairobi Lost Tapes, it was a no-brainer. What I love most about this is how both Precious' visual vocabulary and mine were able to complement each other really well. More work is to come from the three of us. In the meantime, check out Precious work here and hire her!

Siasa Says, 2021

I did this cover for a young duo who were looking to start a podcast that is about the Kenyan political landscape. I believe in the power of meaningful political discourse as we have a lot to change and there really is nothing as inspiring as individuals who take it upon themselves to further this. Well in Ochieng'!

The Sociological Review

One of my favorite commissions! Working with a client that allows you full creative license will always be fulfilling. The brief was simple - class. How best to depict class? Two of the pieces were based on scenes from the book, White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. One of those was a fictitious political campaign poster for the character known as The Great Socialist. The other was a scene where the mongoose sneered at Ashok's decision to unseat Balram, the family driver in the car. Eventually, the piece that I sent out was a more general one titled "Dinner" and was inspired by Romare Bearden's magnificent collages

Made In Lagos

It was a bit surreal being asked to have a crack at designing Wizkid's album, Made In Lagos. Despite it not being chosen as the final direction for this, it was a privilege being involved with this. My pick of the three is definitely the first, taking inspiration from a common cassette tape cover design from the 90s.