One Time for The GOAT

I come bearing gifts!  Here’s a tribute to a champion. The GOAT. 

So inspired by his incredible achievement.

Download wallpapers for all your devices below:




daktari toka tanga


Here’s our first post! And we’re starting off with a couple of free wallpapers to grace your devices. You can grab them using the links below:





We’d also like to give three of you guys some really dope branded mugs just for being cool. Fill in this form to automatically enter the draw and we’ll conduct a public random selection for the three of you.  :)


A few weeks back, I posted about my intention to produce t shirts and I got quite an overwhelmingly positive response. The plan was to have those out as soon as possible, however, just like any other business, we ran into a few production issues and we had to push back the release date. We’re working hard to make the tees a reality so kindly bear with us but we shall communicate in due course. 

Keep checking for new stuff since I’m aiming to make these a weekly thing. Finally, feel free to tweet me with your thoughts and suggestions. I’d love to hear from you guys.

Be good,


The image used in the collage above was sourced from