Riba 01

When I began this compilation, I didn’t quite have a direction for it. I had these 5 portraits that I felt were cohesive but the thread that brought them together wasn’t as clear. Further introspection (months later) led me to realizing that I was inadvertently expressing the Nairobi energy as I experienced it. What it meant to come from this chaotic city of ours. Nairobi is a breathing collage. Of words. Of ideas. Of images. Of places. Whether aesthetically pleasing or not is of no use here. Do you feel the energy?  that grit? That is what matters the most to me with Riba 01. A portrait of a city.

I have a few more portraits that would fit snugly in this compilation and I will be doing an update soon enough to reflect this. I also intend on publishing this but I didn’t know how hellish that would turn out to be(I’m asking for help if you can assist me in publishing this little booklet). This publication would be married with Augmented Reality (see MVP here) to provide an even more immersive experience as a street gallery complete with the maddening matatu horns. It would be nice if I could see these ideas through but I believe a start is something.

Riba 02 is currently underway. I will detail this in a later post and what to expect. For now, here is Riba 01. I would really love your feedback on this. I also have free wallpapers in there :)

Technical details: The AR mvp was built using AFRAME. I tried to stay away from Instagram filters(AR) because I do not believe in creating content for a specific application. It felt more robust to build a solution on top of open standards. I understand the friction this might bring in form of the UX because of having to navigate to a webpage, asking for camera permission to experience this, but the more we build on top of frameworks like AFRAME, the more open the approach, the more future proof the product and ultimately, the more control creators have over their art. Empowering artists with control and ownership has always been beneficial.

Till next time,